LS - Nashville, TN Farmers Market

To push myself to get outside of my comfort zone more often, I wanted to start challenging myself to start trying to find beautiful locations, and taking photos of the things I like there. I don't really know what to call this experiment, so lets go with "Location Shoots" or LS for short!

Neon gets me goin'. This was at a really cool ceramic booth outside.

Neon gets me goin'. This was at a really cool ceramic booth outside.

My first trip led me to The Farmers market in Nashville, TN! I was drawn in by these giant corncobs out front. They reminded me of all the corn from back home in Indiana.


I came in during lunchtime, so it was hella crowded, and I felt weird shooting towards other people, so my attention went up, and I started getting really into the way this place's ceiling looks!


They also had some super dope Edison bulbs hanging around everywhere


this last shot is my favorite. The ceiling was super tall, and I was mesmerized by the conflicting bar/beam patterns.

What a good looking place

What a good looking place

They also had a tooooon of great food. I ended up getting a Chicago style gyro, and buying a ton of food stuff from the international market!

Definitely stop by this place, if you're ever looking for a nice place to eat, and admire.

There's a garden section I didn't have time to explore, so I'm definitely gonna have to revisit when it's not as cold!