Designing Your Own Brand

I've been getting more and more into creating my own things for the band over the last few years, and it's been super duper dope. I always have had a hard time relying on other people for design work for my projects. It's world's easier for me to create something myself; however bad it may be, than to explain it. If there's one thing I can recommend for those who are involved in a project at all, it's to find creative people who you like outside of your project's inner circle, where you can reach out and riff ideas with. 


my go to

idea riffer @Conner_Jones

The endlessly talented, Conner Jones (@Conner_Jones) is my main go to for when I think something I made is the shit (it's usually not). He's always finding polite, and helpful ways to help grow my ideas, or suggest a new direction. One thing I'm absolutely horrible at, is getting text to look good on my drawings, so I've collaborated with him on several designs to make the text actually look good with the art.

original (1).jpeg

my favorite collab

we did this for My Sweet Fall, and it rules.

Life is much better when you're surrounded by incredible people who share your passion, so if this is something that you feel your life is missing... start finding those folks. It might be uncomfortable for you to reach outside of your comfort zone, but it will work wonders for you passion. I would not have grown a fraction of the distance I have creatively without having found the team of people I call friends, and partners.

You all rule, and I can't wait to see what kinda world we build together.