Creativity Challenge #1

Alright, so let's get creative here...


What's an idea you've been tossing around, but have yet to nail down?

Or, an idea you think is the shit, but you want to get someone else's thoughts on it?

Or, just something you make on the fly?


Send me ANYTHING, and I'll give you my honest thoughts on it. You all support my vision, and I want to support yours any way I can.

Don't be scared of my judgement, I promise you I would never cut down, or be insensitive to something you're working on. I only want to build you up, and help your idea come to life.


My email is:

Or add me wherever on social media:

Twitter/insta: @nicksweetsmall

Facebook: Nick Long

I've never done anything like this in this format, but I really do want to build up the incredible community of folks who support what I do. It's only right that I support you in turn.  Ideally as we all progress through life, we can progress together :]