Looks ain't everything

One of the main things I've always hoped to accomplish as a musician, is to make people feel more comfortable with themselves. Being comfortable, and happy in your own skin is something I have, and still do struggle with. And I know countless other people who feel the same. As I've gotten older, I've noticed something as meniscule as wearing a pair of gloves, or sunglasses made me feel more confident.

Photo by: Bailee Logan

Photo by: Bailee Logan

So when we started transitioning into a full band with Small Words, one of the goals I pushed for was to wear whatever clothes, or attire that we feel more comfortable in.
Andrea got me this fur coat for Christmas, and I love it! It's super fluffy, and crazy warm... So of course I had to rock it on stage!

Here's to 2018 hopefully being a more comfortable year for all of us!
Wear something this year that you love, even if everyone thinks you look silly! Don't let anyone ever deter you. Your taste in how you see yourself to the world are one of the many small spectacular things that make you who you are!