Creative Outlets

Hey there. I know it's been a while, and I haven't posted near as often as I wanted to when I first started up the website.

To be honest with you, social media gives me a ton of anxiety. I find it really hard to stay connected with even my closest friends on twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. I was loathing trying to maintain an active social media presence with this band, because I felt like I wasn't interesting enough to post daily.

Then came photography. 

Picking up a camera every chance I get has done worlds for my anxiety. Any time I'm in a social scenario, where I start to feel that tight grip around my throat, I'll pick up the camera, and start taking some pictures. It's given me a way to let off my steam creatively, and it feels incredible. I always have content to post on social media now. So I effectively, and creatively killed two birds with one stone.

If you struggle with similar anxieties, don't be afraid to step out of your creative comfort zone, and try to do something different for a change. I thought it'd be awkward to just whip out a camera and start taking pictures of my friends, but all of them have been very supportive of me. Some nights it even became a sort of event, where we end up experimenting with various lights, and we make a shoot out of it.

Here's one from when I first started taking pictures.


This came from a night back in September where we were all drinking, and having fun, and I started to feel a little overwhelmed, so I grabbed the camera. I had just gotten this Halloween laser light, and I started taking pictures of people who were coming in to see the light. As I showed them what it looked like, they started suggesting ideas that we could try. One idea, was to use the long exposure to show a relationship, where one person was head over heals for the other, but the other was having an affair in one snap, and then in the release of the long exposure, the person who was having the affair, is now head over heals for the person he was cheating on, but she wanted nothing to do with him now. All the while, the mistress is weighing over top of them. 

There's a million different ways to take control (however temporary) of your mental health. Some will work better than others, and some flat out won't work at all. You're stuck with yourself for forever, so find something that works, even if it's short term. Photography has been crucial for my happiness lately, and I'm having a blast getting better at it. Find something new to be YOUR photography!

It's almost the New Year, folks!