GOOD DAY, BAD ME (music video)

This is the debut single off of our upcoming record!

Special thank you to Josh Carroll for filming the performance shots, and assisting in the story shots. And to our actors, Bella Park, and Dakota Johnson! We couldn't have done it without you all, so thank you so much!! <3

and a huge heartfelt thank you to all the people who have supported us this far!
We have a lot more to show you!

Do you remember when you found me dozing
Choking down the pills had set a somber tone
I remember how you looked so stunning
Smashing 911 into your camera phone

It's been a good day, 
Bad me. 
A Long night; 
a rough week. 
I found a good place
in a bad streak
A smirk on my face
and a tongue in my cheek

Do you remember when you found me frozen
Refusing to admit I ever fell for you
A minute later I was in the bedroom
Sobbing in your arms like I was split in two

You've been looking for blood in all the wrong places
She said: "You've been looking for blood in all the wrong places"
She said: "Have I been looking for blood in all the wrong places, all the wrong faces?"
She said: "You've been looking for blood in all the wrong places"

I thought about the gun loaded safe inside the drawer
The most remarkable thing was that you walked in through the door
She said it was okay to miss me but my hands are getting sore
I said everyone's a victim when their love becomes a chore

The Day of Good Fun!


Yesterday I got to spend a whole day with my best bud, Conner Jones, taking photos in the woods, and downtown Indy.
Here are some of my favorites!


get that shot

look at that focus


GQ: Man of the Year

oh ya


those colors


Y'all are the best.

Tomorrow we release the MF NEW VIDEO FOR GOOD DAY, BAD ME!!!

I can't wait to hear what you think!




Creativity Challenge #1

Alright, so let's get creative here...


What's an idea you've been tossing around, but have yet to nail down?

Or, an idea you think is the shit, but you want to get someone else's thoughts on it?

Or, just something you make on the fly?


Send me ANYTHING, and I'll give you my honest thoughts on it. You all support my vision, and I want to support yours any way I can.

Don't be scared of my judgement, I promise you I would never cut down, or be insensitive to something you're working on. I only want to build you up, and help your idea come to life.


My email is:

Or add me wherever on social media:

Twitter/insta: @nicksweetsmall

Facebook: Nick Long

I've never done anything like this in this format, but I really do want to build up the incredible community of folks who support what I do. It's only right that I support you in turn.  Ideally as we all progress through life, we can progress together :]




Designing Your Own Brand

I've been getting more and more into creating my own things for the band over the last few years, and it's been super duper dope. I always have had a hard time relying on other people for design work for my projects. It's world's easier for me to create something myself; however bad it may be, than to explain it. If there's one thing I can recommend for those who are involved in a project at all, it's to find creative people who you like outside of your project's inner circle, where you can reach out and riff ideas with. 


my go to

idea riffer @Conner_Jones

The endlessly talented, Conner Jones (@Conner_Jones) is my main go to for when I think something I made is the shit (it's usually not). He's always finding polite, and helpful ways to help grow my ideas, or suggest a new direction. One thing I'm absolutely horrible at, is getting text to look good on my drawings, so I've collaborated with him on several designs to make the text actually look good with the art.

original (1).jpeg

my favorite collab

we did this for My Sweet Fall, and it rules.

Life is much better when you're surrounded by incredible people who share your passion, so if this is something that you feel your life is missing... start finding those folks. It might be uncomfortable for you to reach outside of your comfort zone, but it will work wonders for you passion. I would not have grown a fraction of the distance I have creatively without having found the team of people I call friends, and partners.

You all rule, and I can't wait to see what kinda world we build together.




What's to come?


what's to come

Alright, friends!

It's been a hot second since I was able to update the website. We've been CRAAAAZY busy in the background getting everything ready for our new release...


We will be announcing dates for everything here soon, and planning out a tour shortly after the record drops. So expect updates with that soon, and a separate blog update when that time comes. 

As for this website.. I initially bought it so we can make this band more than a band to you all. I want you to feel close to us, and I want to connect with each of you as much as possible. I'm not always as social as I'd like to be, but it's something I want to get better at. I want to start posting about as many little things as I can, to let you all into my mind. I think seeing, hearing, and reading how weird people are has always helped me feel less weird, and I hope that can do the same for you!

As always, I can't stress how much you all mean to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting our vision. 



LS - Cool Wall

There's this super cool wall that I saw in the Belmont area, connected to a store called Draper James, and I wanted to take a picture of people there, so I snagged Aaron, and Zach, and we headed that way!


Turns out Reese Witherspoon owns this store. She probably didn't paint this wall, but it's fun to imagine she did.


There's a super cool music store right next door and across the street, called Corner Music, so we had to stop in, and touch beautiful instruments.


The sun was in a cool spot as we were leaving, so I had Zach give me one last pose as we passed this temple.


Life can be pretty cool sometimes, I hope yours is going pretty well!