mini songs

Week Three - SPINNING

This song is about the mornings where you don't feel like waking up.


I'm alive, 
But I don't feel like living
Inside a mind, 
Where thoughts are always spinning. 
These days, I can't remember who I swore I never be. 
Most the people I have hated had a lot to do with me. 
So tell my lover I've gone missing, 
And my friends I moved away. 
Tell my mother that I love her, but there was no other way.


Here's a new #minisong that goes out to anyone who's ever been hurt and exhausted from putting themselves out there for love, and not having it reciprocated.
Thank you to Conner Jones, for making the video, and Andrea McPherson for the beautiful harmonies!!


I'm running low
On allocated love
With dislocated hands
I'm clinging onto life

You don't have to throw your voice around me,
But it's not like you would listen when I speak.
So let's celebrate the lovers who abandoned their post,
And contemplate seclusion twice a week.


If it's alright with you, I'm gonna start posting a brand new mini song every other Friday!!
Writing has been a big part of my life lately, and I love experimenting with my format, so here's the first!


I hope the next boy that you meet has money
I hope the next guy you kiss has got nice teeth
And I hope he's conscious of the words that he pushes through those pearly whites
I hope the hill that you climb ain't too steep

And I hope that
Once it's done,
Then it's done.
It's done for good.